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So Many Reasons to Join Contender eSports

eSports Industry Growth

Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Sport

Brand Power 

Product Quality & Innovation

One-of-a-Kind Configurable Store Designs

How It Works

We secure a Location

Store Design and Delivery




Our real estate team does all the heavy lifting for you. Deep demographic studies, researching all locations, site visits, and lease negotiation.

Our design team uses the measurements from your potential store to design every detail. Once you approve, everything you need is packaged and delivered to you within 45 days.

We train you on how to run a business from the ground up, the full operations of running a Contender eSports center. The training is available and required for all staff and we make it simple for you to onboard staff as needed.

Our 90-day marketing plan is bulletproof. Just execute and take great care of your customers. Our marketing strategy puts you in touch with all eSports influencers in your city, allows you to engage our national marketing vendors, run multiple tournaments and create first-class club memberships.

It takes about 10 days to install your store, set up the networks, computers and all systems.

Franchise Opportunities Available Worldwide

Exploding Industry

Revolutionary Designs

Turnkey Opportunity

No Experience Needed

Off Hands Ownership

Proprietary Marketing & Designs

Join Contender and get ahead of the game.

A Good Business You'll Feel Good About Owning

"Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life." This old saying rings true for our Franchisees, and it could for you, too. As a Contender eSports Franchisee, you’ll spend your days helping people enjoy a more fuller life. You’ll be serving up their favorite entertainment and games, hand selected based on popularity and customer requests. Plus, you’ll also be serving up laughter and smiles, as you satisfy their cravings for challenging games that they love. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your staff members responsibility and the value of living a  balanced lifestyle. All the while, building a better future for your family, through business ownership. If that sounds good, a Contender eSports franchise might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Benefits of Contender eSports Franchising

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Partnership with Years of Experience

Established Training

Multi-Country Support

Low Operating Expenses

Large Profit Margins

Easy to Operate

International Locations Available